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Plain Gauges

We design and develop an array of plain plug gauges. These gauges are manufactured considering the different factors like end depth, concentricity, squareness, etc. Our products are available in a variety of dimensions. Our plain plug gauges are durable and yield higher efficiency. Manufacturing range is .1 mm to 1000 mm Std gauges in H7, H8 available ex-stock.

Thread Plug & Ring Gauges

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Thread Plug & Thread Ring Gauges

We are manufacturing Thread Plug & Thread Ring Gauges in higher side of tolerances to get maximum life for gauges. We are also manufacturing Thread Ring Gauges in Lower Side of Tolerances to get maximum life of gauges. We are using oil hardened non shrinking steel material. This is the best suited material for thread gauges.we are providing NPL/NABL Traceability certificate free of cost along-with each & every gauge.

Measuring Pins

We design and manufacture a range of measuring pins that come in ex-stock in wooden box. These pins are available in a variety of metal like steel and carbide. Conforming to the IS standards, our products are widely used for checking of bores, center distances, groove dimensions, inspection of micrometers, gear measurements, etc. We also offer as per the clients' specifications.
Technical Specifications:
* Loose measuring pins in nominal range of 0.1 to 30 mm in step of 0.01, 0.02, 0.05 mm as per customer's requirements.
* Calibration certificate traceable to National / International standards issued with each set & loose pins
* We also offer hardened, ground & lapped measuring pins in standard steps of 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 010mm.
* Length of measuring pins upto 1.49mm dia is 40mm & above 1.50mm dia. it is 50mm
* We also have measuring pins of 70mm in length from 1.00to 10.00mm dia
* Pins from dia. 3mm are marked with size.
* We offer these pin set in attractive wooden casing.

Trapezoidal Double Start Thread Ring Gauge

We are manufacturing a wide range of Trapezoidal Double Start Thread Ring Gauges. Our Trapezoidal Double Start Thread Ring Gauges are available in various sizes and specifications. These Trapezoidal Double Start Thread Ring Gauges can be customized as per our customers specifications and availed at industrial leading price.

Standards :
Basic Dimensions : ISO 2903,ISO 2904
IS : 7008 (part 3 & 4 ) 1988
Gauging Practice : DIN 103 Part 9 - 1985
Based on ISO 1502-1978 (E)

Thread Ring Gauge

Standards: IS, ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS etc....
Metric, unified whit worth, BSF, BSW, G Series, BA, Conduit, BSPT, NPT etc....


I ) INDIAN STANDARD -> Basic dimensions: IS: 4218 Part III-1976 IS:4218 Part IV-1976 Gauging Practice: IS:2334 -1975

II)INTERNATIONAL STANDARD -> Basic dimensions: ISO: 724-1978(E) ISO:965/1-1980(E) Gauging Practice: ISO:1502 -1978(E)

Helicoil Gauges

HeliCoil gauges are available as Go/No Go thread plug gauges for inspection of tapped holes prior to HeliCoil fitments. The gauges are available in 5H & 6H class for Metric sizes and 2B/3B for UNC/UNF sizes. Accuracy of the finished thread when the insert is installed is dependent upon the accuracy of the tapped hole. If the finished tapped hole gauges satisfactorily, the installed insert will be within the thread tolerance. It is not necessary to gauge the installed insert. After the insert is installed, the GO thread plug gauge may not enter freely; however, the insert will always seat itself when the bolt or screw is installed and tightened. (Reference NASM33537). Gauge handles and all gage nibs are marked with the extreme product limits for the particular size and class of fit. When gauging tapped holes which have been thoroughly cleaned or which have a protective finish applied, the gauge should always be lubricated with light oil. HI nib may enter provided a definite drag results on or before 3rd turn from entry Ref. FEDSTD-H28, Screw thread Standards for Federal Services. Working gauges provide a guaranteed minimum wear allowance on the pitch diameter of the GO members of two ten thousandths of an inch (.0002). These gauges are recommended for production in sizes 1/2 inch and smaller. Reference gauges have pitch diameters on or close to minimum (basic size). They are essentially laboratory or master gauges